BFRB Stories Podcast

What’s your BFRB story? Let it out! The BFRB Stories podcast is a series of conversations for and by the BFRB community, including individuals living with body-focused repetitive behaviors; professionals working to make a difference; parents, loved ones and friends; leaders and advocates; and more.

The BFRB Stories podcast aims to bring accurate awareness, increase professional interest, and minimize the shame, stigma and silence so often associated with this group of disorders, which include skin picking (dermatillomania/excoriation disorder), hair pulling (trichotillomania), hair eating/ingestion (trichophagia), nail biting (onychophagia), cheek biting (morsicatio buccarum) and others.

Contact Haley if you’re interested in being a guest on the show! Podcast launch date currently TBD, but shooting for early- to mid-2019.